Why Provide Music Instruction to Children? Part I: Self Discipline and Public Speaking

There were many reasons why it became important to me to start my own business and work with children.  I wanted to contribute to my family, but also to stay home with my child.  Music has always been my passion, so this business was the perfect mixing of both.

While music in itself is enjoyable, the most important aspects of the study of music were the life skills that I learned along the way.  In this series, I will discuss in a bit more detail why each is important and how music can help your child attain these skills.  Some of the most important life skills I gleaned were:

1. Self Discipline and Public Speaking

2. Math Skills

3. Critical Thinking

4. Relaxation

Self Discipline and Public Speaking

As a singer you learn that self-discipline, practice and consistency are important to learning a song and performing it well.  These skills really lent themselves to public speaking.  When you sing in front of a group of critical peers, you must be overly prepared and the above skills are the only way to achieve it.

Connecting it to Your Child

The above skills were all things I learned over the years as I studied music.  When I was a school-aged child, I gained most of my knowledge through direct classroom instruction.  However, as I grew up, more and more of the learning occurred on my own.  Planned practice sessions were very important as well as the increased knowledge of piano playing in helping me to take the learning into my own hands as time passed.  This didn’t happen for me over night, so one of the best things you can do for your child is to check out a Kindermusik with Dominique class.  In our classes, we will touch on each of the above skills slowly.Kindermusik for Every Stage  As your child progresses in the Kindermusik curriculum, they will adopt these learning skills for themselves.  These tools will become the foundation they need to progress further in life and this is the best toolbox you can give your child/children for their future.


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