As a parent of a child in diapers, how many diapers would you say you changed?  Probably quite a few.  Most children are potty trained somewhere between two and four years old.   If you change an average of 2,000 diapers per year, you can expect to change anywhere from 4,000 to 8,000 diapers in your child pre-potty trained years.

While that is a very large number, it is quite close to how many times your child will need to repeat an action correctly before it becomes ingrained and learned.  This is true from the simplest task like lifting their head or walking to learning their ABC’s or playing the piano like Stevie Wonder.

It gives you something to think about when interacting with your child.  If we want them to learn a skill, we must expose them to it and then practice over and over again.  Just as you must say to your child at least a thousand times “No, don’t touch that,” you must also practice their ABC’s an equal amount of time and do this for any other skill you wish them to become proficient in.

Kindermusik classes help develop the whole child from an early age.  We support your child’s individual growth and allow them to excel at what they are good at when they are ready.  We aren’t putting on a performance, but your child can practice the skills we address in a safe and comfortable learning environment.

If you sometimes feel lost or just can’t remember all the songs, dances and activities you completed as a child, come check out a Kindermusik with Dominique class for FREE.   I’ll help you and your child connect and enjoy music and learning together.  See you soon!

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