Music is Intrinsic to Life

My family just returned from my little sister’s college graduation and I can’t help but think of the graduation march known as Pomp and Circumstance that played as the new graduates filled the hall to receive their diplomas.  Take a second to think back to significant events in your life.  What are/were they?

Was it:

  • The day you were born?
  • The first time you were kissed?
  • When you walked down or gazed over at your soon to be spouse as they walked down the aisle to marry you?
  • A movie that always makes you cry?

What songs were a part of those moments?  The answer doesn’t really matter, but it’s the fact that music is so intrinsic to our lives memories of important events.

Music is so much a part of the event, that sometimes you cannot recall the event without hearing the song first.  Music makes our lives interesting.  It gives it a rhythm and feeling.  Try to think about watching a movie without any music or sound effect at all.  They are not many and they are definitely not very interesting.

It’s not that every moment of your life needs a sound to accompany it; it’s just that music is a part of life.  Music takes important events and makes them better and creates a bond amongst those who share the same song regardless of whether the event was the same.

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