About Kindermusik


Kindermusik is a music class with a classroom learning experience that will give your child Kindermusik for Every Stagea lifelong love of music and a foundation for learning. We utilize heavily researched, developmentally appropriate curricula for children ages newborn to seven years old. A variety of activities are used in the classroom such as: singing, dancing, instrument play, games and reading to develop cognitive, physical, social, emotional, language and musical skills.

The best part is that learning doesn’t take place just in the classroom.  Each semester families who enroll will receive a set of Home Materials (typically includes: a book, CD, age appropriate instrument and activity book or journal) that will make it easy to continue the learning.  Utilizing these materials each day with your child helps the music and learning live outside the classroom as well because we believe parents are the best educators.

Kindermusik has been a trusted source for more than 30 years to help you prepare your Kindermusik Come See What We're About child for success in life and school.  Register for a class or attend a FREE preview class to see where the magic takes place.

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